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Viva la
Purisima Concepcion:
for Mary!

Blessed be the Holy
and Immaculate Conception
of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary,
Mother of God!
Indulgence 300 days
                                                        Pope Leo XIII
                                                 September 10, 1878
NEW MEXICO — It was an extremely long, lonely road.

One we had to take in order to reach and fulfill the “mission.”

As we continued on unabated in the New Mexican desert without a living thing in sight, it was clear we were driving on a
“Jesus, I trust in You road”!

For miles,
with only the confidence of Agnus Dei at the wheel, we saw not nary a sign, nor landmark to tell us we were even on the right road; only the continued descending of the sun in the Southwest sky — a sure mark that our time was running out to get to our isolated destination.

With the blazing sky behind us, we turned East and then North — the last few miles of unpaved dirt in front of our combustible horses.

We looked at each other in amazement, knowing we had no complaints before the Heavenly Court, for those who had made this journey before us did not have the comfort of leather seats, with 260 Mustang horses galloping in a mile-a-minute journey.

No — for those who paved this way in honor of Mary, they were blessed to have one horse, some water in a canteen, and a fire to warm their night:  a night they prayed that no hostile natives of the area might come stealthily to remove their scalps from their heads!

The original trailblazers to this now-uninhabited land were the amazing Franciscans; fearless in their zeal to bring the Gospel to the New World while honoring their Queen, Mary, as the
Immaculate Conception!

This was the time in America’s history when the Virgin had appeared just a few decades ago as
Our Lady of Guadalupe to assist in this great evangelization.  Europe was turning its reforming back on Her; the New World was forming itself by embracing Her!

And the Franciscans led the way when Fray Augustin Rodriguez helped to settle five pueblos in late 1581 in what we now call “New” Mexico.  It was from these settlements that our modern-day “mission” would spring up.

By the early 1600s, churches were established in this now-remote area of the Southwest.  Among them,
La Purisima Concepcionthe FIRST church in what is now the United States to honor Mary’s Immaculate Conception!

With San Miguel Mission — named after St. Michael — to the North in
the Royal City of the Holy Faith of St. Francis of Assisi (now simply called Santa Fe!) established in 1610 as the oldest Church in our nation, La Purisima Concepcion is not far behind with a foundation of 1620.

But San Miguel fared much better.

As the headquarters for the Franciscans in the
“Kingdom of New Mexico,” the Church survived the Pueblo Indian Rebellion of 1680.

Not so for
La Purisima!

After 60 years of teaching the faith,
“this kingdom,” as Franciscan friar Juan Bernal wrote, “is nearly exhausted from suffering two calamities … hastening to its ruin.  One of these calamities is that the whole land is at war with the widespread heathen nation of the Apache Indians, who kill all the Christian Indians they can find and encounter.  No road is safe; everyone travels at risk of his life, for the heathen traverse them all … and they hurl themselves at danger like people who know no God nor that there is any hell.”

We looked around us at the unforgiving desert and thanked God that there were no hostile human elements today and we had 260 horses pulling us through this dirt road that led us to the once-thriving and oldest Church dedicated to our Queen.

We knew — after the Church had been burned by the Apaches — neither Franciscan nor Indian remained in the area.

La Purisima had become one of America’s first “ghost” towns.

This is why we had to come.

America long has had a trouble within its heart ever since in honoring the
Immaculate Conception of its Empress.  It is a negative spirit impertinent within our land.

Yes, of course, the
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception has been built, but then our own hierarchy refuses to obey the command of its Queen and honor Her as Our Lady of America within the Church itself!

Instead, our nation today honors a copper idol — a poor substitute for Mary that cannot answer prayers!

We would, then, take our Queen as
Our Lady of America to the very first place She had been honored as the Immaculata!

We would prayerfully, through the
Angelus, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Holy Child’s Rosary, St. Michael’s prayer, and the prayer Our Lady of America gave to the visionary Herself, ask God for forgiveness, pardon and to undo that which has offended His Daughter, His Mother, His Spouse, our Queen.

We would plead for us to reclaim the area that first saw action against Mary as the
Immaculate Conception.

Action that Father Juan Alvarez describes as he wrote, following the abandonment of the Mission:
“Much damage and destruction was experienced, not solely in the many deaths of Christian Indians, but also in the complete destruction of entire pueblos … .  Killing all of the male Indians and carrying off the women and children as captives, they [the Apaches] likewise killed the father minister fray Pedro de Ayala.  They burned the Church, profaned the holy vessels, and mocked the images.  …  The six pueblos of the Salinas were abandoned.”

They have been abandoned ever since.

Now it was time to undo what had been wrought.

The Lord was no longer worshipped here.

Mary no longer honored.

It is now a national “monument.”

Maintained as a public “park”; a minimal “tourist” attraction or archaeological “dig.”

We pulled our thirsty horses in, as we approached from the South.

Before us stood an isolated, lone and imposing structure.

Almost five stories in height.  Its red bricks indicative of the building stones of the Southwest.  Its roof burned out.  Only the walls stood to remind us of the niches where the icons of Jesus and Mary were once honored.

No one was there; no one except a lone park ranger employed to ensure the masonic dollars spent by our masonic government would not be wasted by a modern-day Apache vandal.  There was not much time before sunset when he would close the “park.”

Since its abandonment in 1680, no one, to our knowledge, has celebrated Mass there, prayed the
Divine Praises, or enthroned an icon of Mary.

We were about to change that for the honor and glory of the
Name of Mary!

Alone, without the park ranger in sight as he stayed within the confines of his lonely bookstore, we approached the once-bustling citadel.

While we couldn’t celebrate Mass, we brought the Image of
Our Lady of America to where Her Son was once worshipped, and there, prayed the Divine Praises, praises that echoed off the stark walls.

Where once the
Immaculate Conception was praised, we again prayed the prayer that Mary taught Sister Millie as the visionary of  Our Lady of America“By Thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil!”

[As inspired, we also accomplished other actions which are to remain mysterious so that no human intervention is possible.]

And as we processed our Queen throughout what was once a Sanctuary dedicated to Her, we pleaded, as She taught: 
“O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee”; and then, as St. Maximilian Kolbe professed:  “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for those who do NOT have recourse to Thee, especially freemasons.”

Freemasons, who now, with the power, authority and economic muscle of our government preside over the ruins of what was once the first Church to ensure the New World’s dedication to Mary as God’s
Immaculate Conception.

Freemasons, who ignore Her at every turn while honoring other female figures they falsely call “goddesses,” encouraging our nation to
worship at the feet of a copper idol dedicated to “liberty.”  “Liberty” to abort the unborn; to starve the incapacitated; to glorify suicide and euthanasia.

Freemasons, who finished what the hostile natives began in the land once known as the
“Kingdom of New Mexico”stealing it from Mary and turning it into the site of the world’s first atomic nightmare in another part of that desert as isolated as La Purisima Concepcion.

But now — as we did in October of 2001 at
Trinity Site where our nation in 1945 ushered in the Atomic Age — La Purisima Concepcion has been reclaimed for Our Lady of America.

With the dust of this “mission’s” dirt fresh on our boots, we turned our horses West and headed for the next outpost of our journey.  Another place in the middle of nowhere, but this one surely not abandoned.

A place once known as nothing more than a simple watering hole on the
Old Spanish Trail halfway on a Franciscan’s journey to El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora de la Reyna de Los Angelesthe Town of Our Lady, the Queen of Angels.

A place now desperately in need to be reclaimed for Mary!

NEXT:  Our horses pull in to the now-infamous world-renowned watering hole on the Old Spanish Trail from Santa Fe to Los Angeles.

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The remains of the Church
and convent with entrance sign.
Oldest known painting of
Our Lady of Guadalupe in America, San Miguel Mission, New Mexico.
The brooding walls of La Purisima.
The abandoned Sanctuary.
The incredibly large masonic lodge
in Santa Fe, designed after Alhambra, an islamic mosque in Spain.
Which faith do they believe in?
The masonic ‘temple’ splashed
with Holy Water and
reclaimed for Our Lady!
‘Mysterious’ footprints
and Our Lady.
A real ‘temple’
and its Sanctuary
reclaimed for
Our Lady of America!
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