Agnus Dei Presents!
If Jesus Sits at the Right Hand of His Father,
Who Sits at the
Right Hand of Jesus?

“Then came to Him the mother of the sons of Zebedee
with her sons, adoring and asking something of Him.
Who said to her:
‘What wilt thou?’
She saith to Him:  ‘Say that these my two sons may sit,
one on Thy Right Hand, and the other on Thy Left, in Thy Kingdom.’
And Jesus answering, said:
‘You know not what you ask.
Can you drink the Chalice I shall drink?’

They say to Him:  ‘We can.’
He saith to them:
‘My Chalice indeed you shall drink;
but to sit on My Right or Left Hand is not Mine to give to you,
but to them for whom it is prepared by My Father!’

Matthew 20:20-24
“To them for whom it is prepared by” the Eternal Father!

Jesus could not be any clearer.

To sit on His Right or Left Hand was not His to give, for it was His Father’s choice.

Yet, the sons of Zebedee were excellent candidates for this honor since Jesus called the younger one, John, His
“Beloved Disciple.” He was the Apostle who did not abandon our Lord and stood at the Foot of the Cross with the Lord’s Mother, as well as caring for the Virgin until Her Assumption into Heaven.

The older brother of John, the Apostle James known as
“the Great” — for he was older than James the Less (Jesus’ cousin, a son of Mary Cleophas and known as a “brother” of the Lord) — could also qualify for this incredible honor since God granted this son of Zebedee some special firsts:  James the Great is the first one to bear witness to an apparition of the Virgin Mary and, at Her instruction, returns to Jerusalem, where he becomes the first Apostle to be martyred!

But these two great witnesses of Truth were not the ones God the Father selected to be at the Right or Left Hand of Jesus.

It is easy to ascertain who sits at the Left Hand of Jesus since that is clearly spelled out in the Scriptures.

When responding to the high priest Caiphas as to whether or not He was
“Christ the Son of God, Jesus saith to him: ‘Thou has said it.  Nevertheless I say to you:  hereafter you shall see the Son of Man sitting on the Right Hand of the Power of God … .”
Matthew 26:63-64.

At this remark, it was then that the high priest
“rent his garments, saying:  ‘He hath blasphemed … ’ ” Matthew 26:65.

Despite the high priest who erred greatly as so many do today, Mark confirms the position of the Son of Man to the Eternal Father when he states in his Gospel that
“the Lord Jesus … was taken up into Heaven, and sitteth on the Right Hand of God” 16:19.

There is still an even greater witness to this Truth!

As August 3rd is the
Feast of the Finding of the Body of St. Stephen (another feast day our “modern” Church neglects lest we offend those who do not believe), we have absolute confirmation of the Lord’s position as Scripture records that the first martyr for Christ was, just before his death at the hands of unbelievers, “full of the Holy Ghost, looking up steadfastly to Heaven, saw the Glory of God, and Jesus standing on the Right Hand of God.  And he said:  ‘Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of Man standing on the Right Hand of God’ ” Acts of the Apostles 7:55.

According to Sacred Tradition, upon the stoning of Stephen, the Apostles summoned the Virgin and the first Christian martyr died in the arms of our Lord’s Mother!

In St. Stephen’s vision, the prophecy of Christ to the high priest was fulfilled!

Yet, still they did not believe.

Just as there are “Pharisees” and “scribes” today (anyone for tickets to see
The Passion?) who refuse to believe:  those who suppress the great Sacred Traditions of the Church; who “protest” against anything extraneous to the Scriptures.  Who refuse to give the Lord His rights and the Eternal Father His Right to determine who sits at the Right Hand of His Son!

Something the Eternal Father, according to the Son Himself, has obviously
“prepared” since the beginning of creation.

While obvious, it is important that we discuss and comprehend just what exactly these verses mean as we answer the question as to who sits at the Right Hand of Jesus.  What is obvious is that pictorially,
if Jesus sits at the Right Hand of His Father, then the Eternal Father sits at the LEFT HAND OF THE SON!

No wonder, there was no room for James or John since one position was already
“prepared” for God the Father Himself to be at the left of His only-begotten!

Now many might immediately think, based on the Truth of the Most Holy Trinity, that it is the Holy Spirit that sits at the Right Hand of Jesus.

Good thought, but it is wrong.

How can we be so sure?


The Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity, is the culmination of the Love the Eternal Father shares with the Eternal Son.  And — as it has been depicted in Sacred Art for two millennia —
the Eternal Holy Ghost resides above and between the Father and the Son, forming the Eternal Triangle of Union between the Three.

For the Holy Trinity is the mystery of the
“Father Almighty, Eternal God, Who with Thy Only-begotten Son and the Holy Ghost art one God, one Lord; not in the unity of a single person, but in the Trinity of a single nature.  For that which we believe on Thy revelation concerning Thy Glory, that same we believe of Thy Son, that same of the Holy Ghost, without difference or discrimination.  So that in confessing the true and everlasting Godhead, we shall adore distinction in Persons, oneness in being, and equality in majesty” (from the original preface for Sundays in the Latin Mass).

This Godhead, this Trinity of nature is symbolically and spiritually expressed in the Holy Triangle of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

That leaves a gaping space at the Right Hand of Jesus!

Obviously, neither James nor John sit at the right of our Lord, for it was not
“prepared” for them by the Eternal Father.  But it was “prepared” for someone!

As we love to point out, sometimes it is even more interesting when the Scriptures say nothing or hint at other Truths than when verses actually spell them out.

This is true in the case of St. Stephen who confirms Jesus’ prophecy to the high priest in a vision of the Son of Man’s position with God Almighty.

But Stephen does not speak of who sits at Jesus’ Right Hand!

We think there is an absolute reason why this is not mentioned in this part of the Scriptures, because
Stephen would not have been able to see it.

It is simply because the Person “prepared” by the Eternal Father to sit at His Son’s Right Hand had not yet been taken to Heaven to receive their reward.  Instead, at the time of Stephen’s vision, this Person was busy, still on Earth, and cradling the first martyr in Her arms as She did Her Son after His Crucifixion!

We all know that Person is Mary!

Miriam, or the
“Exalted One” in Hebrew.

The Mother of the Only-Begotten Son of the Father — not the Son as true God from true God, begotten not made and one in Being with the Father, but as True God and True Man!  That is the nature of Mary’s role in relation to the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity in which the Third Person came upon Her and
“overshadowed” Her that She might bring forth the Savior of the world!

The Son of Mary!

The Woman whom God the Eternal Father
“prepared” from the foundation of the world to be the One to give birth to His Son in His human form!

And why would God do this?

Again, the answer is simple and Jesus has given us the answer.

It is, despite the cries of protest-ants, in Scripture.

But, as we constantly state, we must have the faith of a child to accept it.

Today’s so-called protest-ants and “scholars” do not have this faith.  They instead desire  to “reason,” “interpret” and re-interpret their faith.

A child, however, does not reason nor interpret.  It depends solely upon their mother for their life for they have faith that she would never do them harm nor lead them astray!  (
“And Wisdom is justified by all Her children” Luke 7:35.)

How did Jesus prove the need for Mary to us in the Scriptures?

Remember when the Pharisees were challenging Him?

“But He said to them:  ‘How say they that Christ is the son of David?  And David himself saith in the book of Psalms:  “The Lord said to my Lord, sit thou on My Right Hand, till I make Thy enemies Thy footstool.”  David then calleth him Lord:  and how is He his son?’ Luke 20:41-44.

In the incredible world of our God who is the Alpha and the Omega, the answer to this question is Mary!

For it is Mary who has the royal bloodline of the House of David!

It is Mary who makes
Christ the King — the God-Man — the Son of David!

It is Mary who unites the
Lord of Lords with the flesh of King David!

It is Mary’s
“yes” that allows the Holy Spirit to fulfill the prophecy given to David!

It is Mary in Her Divine Motherhood who fulfills the Eternal Father’s Divine Mercy plan for His Son to redeem mankind!

It is Mary who gives Jesus Her flesh and blood — the very Flesh and Blood our Savior offers as a Sacrifice to His Father!

It is Mary who forms the
Sacred Heart of Jesus within Her Womb!

It is Mary who first hears and touches — as every mother does with their own child’s heart  — the
Sacred Heart of Jesus when the Holy Ghost forms the Son of Man within Her!

It is Mary who is the last to hear Her Son’s
Sacred Heart when He dies upon the Cross as She witnesses the Blood and Water gush forth as a Fountain of Mercy for us — and then wraps Her Child in His Holy Shroud, touching His Sacred Heart one last time!

It is Mary, therefore, whom the Eternal Father has
“prepared” since the foundation of the world to sit at Her Son’s Right Hand as the Queen of Mercy!

For it is Mary’s office to intercede for all the sons of God with Jesus, just as Jesus intercedes with the Father, as we try desperately to gain that which the Son of God won for us on the Cross!

It is Mary — the
Secret of the Seven Thunders that John, the Beloved Disciple, witnesses to! (see Apocalypse 10:4)

Ah, but the protest-ants say, where is your biblical evidence?  To what do you base these “wild” exaggerated claims of yours?

Ah, but you
biblical idiots, you claim to “comprehend” the symbolism of the Old Testament and the Psalms of David when it comes to the Suffering Messiah, yet your eyes are blind to the Truths of Mary in the Scriptures!

For the Lord has ensured that we all — if we are believers — understand that Jesus has inherited the Throne of David and a Kingdom that is forever!

If one truly believes in Jesus as the Messiah and Son of David, one cannot dispute the fact that Mary has the royal bloodline of the king of Israel.

But David was not the last to sit on his throne.

Before Israel became two separate kingdoms, there was one who sat on David’s throne.

It was his son Solomon.

The son of David and Bethsabee (as the Latin Vulgate spells it).

While called the
“wisest man who ever lived,” Solomon taught us all a lesson that even though one may walk with God, one can go astray if we are not careful.

And while Solomon was the wisest man, there is one who is wiser — yes, of course, it is Jesus; but in the sense of human wisdom, it is Mary, who is the
Seat of Wisdom!

In this wisdom, let us not forget who ruled with Solomon over the kingdom of Israel.  For it is in the Scriptures.

Was it one of Solomon’s wives?

According to the Scriptures, if we count his concubines, Solomon had approximately 700 women to choose from (and, yes, Virginia, we will be extremely chauvinistic here and state how
“blessed” Solomon was [we hope our wife is not reading this; oops, she is])!

Which one did Solomon choose to be his queen to reign over Israel with him?

The answer, again, is simple.


Yet, Solomon did have a queen.

Who then was it?

The Scriptures clearly teach us who it was —
it was his mother, Bethsabee!  The very woman King David committed murder for to bring her into his household!

“And Solomon sat upon the throne of his father David, and his kingdom was exceedingly strengthened. …  Then Bethsabee came to King Solomon … and the king rose to meet her, and bowed to her, and sat down upon his throne:  and A THRONE WAS SET FOR THE KING’S MOTHER, and SHE SAT ON HIS RIGHT HAND.”
III Kings 2:12, 19 (or I Kings for you biblical idiots who do not have the right bible and are missing seven books, including the book of Wisdom!)

“And the Angel said to Her:  ‘Fear not, Mary, for Thou hast found grace with God.  Behold, Thou shalt conceive in Thy Womb, and shalt bring forth a Son; and thou shalt call His Name Jesus.  He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God shall give unto Him the throne of David His father; and He shall reign in the House of Jacob forever.  And of His Kingdom, there shall be no end!”
Luke 1:30-32.

To inherit the throne of David, His “father,” is for Jesus to inherit the throne of Solomon, the last legitimate king of Israel who, in turn, first inherited David’s royal position.

And, as the Scriptures teach, there is no one else in the entire Universe who can inherit the throne of Solomon.  For only the
Lamb of God (Agnus Dei!) is worthy!

Indeed, the only One qualified is the One who has been
“prepared” by the Eternal Father to Reign over the House of Jacob, for He shall have a “Kingdom” of which “there shall be no end!”

The Scriptures do not lie — whether or not secular fools cannot see it with the faith of a child.  Jesus is the Inheritor to the earthly Throne of David.  (
And, as we look with the eyes of today’s current events, isn’t it clear the battle over Jerusalem depicts those who are trying to usurp the very Throne of Jesus?)

Jesus (despite the blasphemy of idiotic books like the “
Da Vinci Code”) had no wives.  Yet, when we see the reign of Solomon, he had hundreds of wives.  None, however, reigned as Solomon’s queen.

Jesus did, however, have a Mother.

Just as Solomon did.

And in the Scriptures, it clearly teaches us that Solomon’s wives did not reign over Israel with the king, but, instead, his mother did!

Can it get any clearer for us as to who will Reign with Jesus when He takes possession of His earthly throne?

It is none other than His Mother!

Mary, as Bethsabee did with her son, Solomon, will Reign at the Right Hand of our Lord Jesus — Her Son — on Earth!

Is there, then, any question as to who Reigns at the Right Hand of Jesus in Heaven?

For there can be no difference between Heaven and Earth, since the Lord Himself will reunite both when He Reigns over the New Jerusalem!
Apocalypse 21:1-2.

“And He that sat on the Throne, said:  ‘Behold, I make all things new!’
Apocalypse 21:5.

The Lord is getting prepared to do that — for we are in the 3rd Day, the 3rd Millennium, where soon the
“former things are passed away” Apocalypse 21:4.

Are we prepared for this?

We can never be prepared unless we are willing to accept not a pope, not a president, not a world leader, but the true King and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

And one cannot be prepared if one says,
“yes, I accept Jesus,” but “no, I do not accept Mary.”

For Mary sits at the Right Hand of Jesus as Jesus sits at the Right Hand of the Father!

It is not anyone’s “choice.”

For it was, is and always has been the choice, command and preparation of the Eternal Father’s!

© 2003 Agnus Dei Presents!
For the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, we plead with the Most Holy Trinity:
Enthrone our Queen, O King!

“ … there is no God beside Thee, O Lord.
Renew Thy signs, and work new miracles.
Glorify Thy Hand, and Thy right arm.
Raise up indignation and pour out wrath.
Take away the adversary and crush the enemy.
Hasten the time, and remember the end,
that they may declare Thy wonderful works. …
Gather together all the tribes of Jacob:
that they may know that there is no God
besides Thee, and may declare Thy great works:
and Thou shalt inherit them as from the beginning. ...
Give testimony to them that are Thy creatures
from the beginning, and raise up the prophecies
which the former prophets spoke in Thy Name.
Reward them that patiently wait for Thee,
that Thy prophets may be found faithful:
and hear the prayers of Thy servants …
and let all know that dwell upon the Earth,
that Thou art God, the Beholder of all Ages!”
              — Ecclesiasticus 36:5-10, 13, 17-19
                                                                                            from the Mass for the Propagation of the Faith

“ … for behold from henceforth,
all generations shall call Me Blessed!
Because He that is mighty,
hath done great things to Me!”

Mary’s Magnificat
Luke 1:48-49