‘Admirable Is the Name of the Lord!’

‘ … God also hath exalted Him,
and hath given Him a Name
which is above all names:
that in the Name of Jesus
every knee should bow,
of those that are
in Heaven,
on Earth,
and under the Earth.
And that every tongue
should confess that the
Lord Jesus Christ
is in the Glory of
God the Father!’

Philippians 2:9-11
Let’s face it, there is really no escape.  Even those who don’t want to worship Him will wind up worshipping Him.  The question is where?

We’re sure if most of us could see our future, we would choose to worship Him here on Earth in order to secure the eternal reward He has waiting for those who love Him.  But we can’t.  For that wouldn't prove anything, let alone our love for Him.  We can only hope and pray.  And, in the best scenario, keep ourselves from falling into any place too hot!

After all, who wants to bend their knee unwillingly in a fire?  That would be extremely painful.  It reminds us of the most frightening statement we have ever heard the Lord Jesus make.  And He made it twice to two simple nuns — Brides of Christ.  One was Sister Marie Pierre of the Holy Family in the mid-1840s, and the other, almost a century later to St. Faustina, His
Secretary of Divine Mercy as He called her, in the mid-1930s.

In apparitions of the Lord to the two favored nuns, the conversation turned to the evil that permeated the Earth.  Perplexed by the “mystery of iniquity,” the Lord easily explained to them how He can tolerate this mystery on Earth.  Jesus said,
“I have Eternity for punishing.”

That leaves one to begin to understand that one does not want to be in a position with Jesus where there is nothing left but an Eternity of punishment.  You have, at that point, unwittingly, exhausted His unfathomable
Divine Mercy.  So what could get a person to that point?

This particular scenario involves those who take His Name in vain.  It is something the Lord detests.  And at this season, when Sacred Tradition celebrates His Holy Name, think about how much of this antichrist activity is going on across this planet today.  In movies alone where the actor casually uses the Name of the Lord in anger or some other such idiocy, the action — while done once by the individual — is perpetuated over and over again as the film is shown.

One does not want to be in their shoes, as they say, when they meet the Person whose Name they have shown such disrespect to.  There will also, though they do not believe it now, be a punishment to them for those souls they have affected by influencing others to engage in the same detestable behavior.

But for those who wish, there is a way to please the Lord and overcome this act that He detests from the bottom of His
Sacred Heart.

So why not get the most out of worshipping Him here now, on Earth where it counts?  Remember, we are all storing up eternal rewards for those things we do not according to our own will, but His.

In the end, He wins one way or the other, so why not win with Him?

Therefore, as we celebrate the
Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus — a feast the “new” Church does not seem to be particularly mindful of anymore and which falls this month on the First Friday of the New Year — we can counter the individual who uses the Lord’s Name in vain every day!

It is His request that we counteract this offense to Him with these words,
“Admirable is the Name of the Lord!”

And don’t be shy about speaking it.  You’d be surprised how quickly it shuts the other foul mouth up!  And we, in turn, when we follow His requests, are pleasing the One whose Name we will all be bowing to whether here, there or anywhere!

© 2003 Agnus Dei Presents!
Prayers in Honor of the Holy Name of Jesus