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How to Defeat
Islamic Terrorism!
“If 333 is the number which indicates the Divinity, he who wants to put himself above God Himself is referred to by the number 666.  666 indicated once, that is to say, for the first time, expresses the year 666, six hundred and sixty six.  In this period of history, the antichrist is manifested through the phenomenon of islam, which directly denies the Mystery of the Divine Trinity and the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Islamism, with its military force, breaks loose everywhere, destroying all the ancient Christian communities, and invades Europe, and its only through My extraordinary Motherly intervention, begged for powerfully by the Holy Father, that it does not succeed in destroying Christianity completely.”
—  The Ever-Blessed Virgin Mary to Father Gobbi, June 17, 1989,
                           in a message entitled,
“The Number of the Beast:  666,” No. 407
We are in a very dangerous time.  Everyone comprehends this.  The key is:  what should we, as individuals, do about it?

Perhaps we should all join the Armed Services and battle against the enemy no matter where they hide.

Perhaps we should become talking heads on TV and debate what the answer is to the problems rearing their ugly heads throughout the world as islamic terrorists murder innocents everywhere (and, no, it is
not a typo that islamic is lower case — editorial decisions are made based on respect, and there can be no respect for those who, for centuries, espouse hatred and death to human beings because of their beliefs or ethnic backgrounds).

Perhaps we should go to the polls and vote for the politicians who claim they can change the situation, or lobby the UN secretary-general, or demonstrate before the Vatican, or go on hunger strikes outside the White House.

Perhaps none of these are the answer. Perhaps the answer has already been provided for.  Perhaps the answer lies in history.  Perhaps history repeats itself because no one wants to learn its true lessons.

So where does the answer lie in history?

It is all around us.

The terrorism of islamic fundamentalism is not a new crime.  It is 1,400 years old and began with the rise of this warring religion.

And the answer to it has always been the same.  It is an answer the world does not want.  It is an answer the world refuses to recognize.  It is an answer the world ignores.

In fact, when we state the answer, we wonder how many will continue to read on and how many will become turned off and reject any further discussion of this matter in this way.

But it is not us who recommend the answer.  It is Heaven, borne and proven out by history.

His Story.

So what is the answer?  Let us take a quick review of history to answer it.

*  944 A.D. — the moslems have control of Edessa, Turkey, and, more importantly as iconoclasts, they now possess a cloth called the Mandylion (literally Christ’s Mantle; we call it today, the Shroud of Turin).  The Byzantines rescue the cloth from the iconoclastic fundamentalists (remind you of today’s protest-ants?) and bring the Mandylion, aka, Shroud, back to Constantinople (the city of Istanbul today).

Many times in the history of Constantinople, the moslems tried to overrun it.  But the Byzantines, in possession of
Madonna Nicopeia (an image of Mary and Her Son as the Holy Child painted on wood by the Gospel writer St. Luke), used this icon in battle to ward off the islamic invaders.

*  1054 — the Great Schism occurs between the Eastern (Greek) and Western (Latin) arms of the Church.  The East throws off the yolk of the pope.

*  1204 — under the pretext of the Schism, the Crusaders illegally pillage the city of Constantinople and steal the Shroud and the Madonna Nicopeia icon.

Meanwhile, during the same year in Europe, two Saints, Peter Nolasco and Raymond of Penafort, as well as King James I of Aragon, share a vision of the Lord’s Mother.  As a result of instructions from Mary, the
Queen of Heaven and Earth, they form the Order of Our Lady of Ransom to save Christians who have been captured by moslems in battle and forced into the yolk of slavery by their islamic captors.  (Hmm, we wonder if moslems would still do that to people today?)

The stage is now set.

*  1453 — in May of this year, an event occurs that will change the world forever.  Previous to this event, the emperor of Constantinople, because of continuous fighting against the islamic jihad, sought the aid of the Latin Church to fight the common enemy.  He traveled to Italy where he won an agreement to end the Great Schism, and for both East and West to reunite under the pope.

Upon returning to Constantinople with the agreement, the people of the city reject it with the cry,
“Better the sultan’s turban than the pope’s tiara!”

The Lord will give them what they want.

Madonna Nicopeia to protect the city (the icon now resides in St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice), the Byzantines face an overwhelming force of moslems who are using Christian CHILDREN they captured and turned into MIND-ALTERED SLAVES as the forefront of their force.  Despite the fact that May is the month dedicated to Mary, She can do nothing to protect the people of the city for they have rejected Her Son’s “vicar” (“deputy” in Latin).

Was this the reason the Lord — who knows the future — allowed His Mother’s precious icon as Madonna Nicopeia to be removed from Constantinople after the first great split in the Church?

The moslem force overwhelms the city’s defenders and this tragic event reaches down in history to us today as what once was a cradle of Christian civilization and the seat of the Christian Roman Emperor in the 1st Millennium is now but a forgotten memory.

Indeed, we no longer call the city Constantinople, but
“Istanbul” — the fanatical war cry of the moslems in 1453:  “into the city!”

But the Lord and His Mother will not tolerate a moslem takeover of Christian Europe.  In Spain, Catholic royalty will ensure the islamists are thrown out after almost 700 years of battle!  The end is the setup for the royals to turn their attention to another mandate of God’s:  the spreading of the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

In this regard, they will listen to the voice of Christopher (Christ-bearer) Columbus and his inspired vision to sail West aboard the ship he christens
Santa Maria (Holy Mary).

*  1456 — the islamic fanatics will not stop at their conquest of Constantinople.  They thirst for more land and to spread their beliefs in a god who requires death for those who do not convert:  the name islam does not translate to “religion of peace.” Its meaning is clear.  It demands one “to submit.”

Their intention now is to make all of Europe submit to the islamic belief
in the moon god they call allah.  But the one True God of history, the Son of God who is denigrated in the koran as only a prophet and not divine, will not permit their victory.

As the islamic fundamentalists continue their attack against Europe, the Lord will raise up another Saint to fight them.  This time it is John of Capistrano.  Before the Battle of Belgrade in this year, John will have a vision to put the Lord’s Name on his banner in the war against islam. 
With the Name of the one True God, Jesus, on their battle standard, the Christians win a decisive victory, ending the threat of occupation by islamic forces.

Meanwhile, in Rome, Christians also prayed for this victory, reciting what we know today as the
“Angelus.” The Angelus consists of three Hail Marys, one each to honor the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  This prayer also helped stem the tide of attacks against all of Europe and was instituted by the pope to be said in thanksgiving at noon every day.

*  1571 The confirmation of how to defeat islamic terrorism will come in this year when the Lord will bring all the victorious elements of the past into play in a major event here.

Again, the warring religion of islam was not satisfied after 1456 to return to its territory and live peacefully with its neighbors.  Once more, it sets its sights on Europe and the establishment — by force — of islamic rule.  This time the Christians are outnumbered again — but not on land, the danger to Europe was now at sea.

It is the Battle of Lepanto and the islamic fleet, 3 boats to 1, is about to overrun Europe’s defenders.  That is when the commander of the Catholic fleet, Andrea Doria, sought the intercession, for the first time in European history, of
Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Virgin of Guadalupe had appeared to the Aztec Indians of the New World, the very world Columbus had discovered just eight decades ago.  A painting of the Image of Mary’s apparition was brought to Europe in the hope of obtaining Her help to, once again, defeat islamic militants.

With the Image of Guadalupe in his cabin, Doria sought the Virgin’s intercession. 
Miraculously, just before the battle begins, a strong wind came up, scattering two-thirds of the islamic fleet and now making the odds even between the two sides.

Needless to say, the moslems were defeated and Europe, again, saved from islam’s savagery. 
Interestingly, before the Catholic fleet sailed into battle, it had left the city of Venice with the blessing of Madonna Nicopeia, the icon that once defended the city of Constantinople from the islamic horde.

And what was Rome doing at the time of the Battle of Lepanto?  At the pope’s instructions, the people were praying for Mary’s intercession by reciting the
Hail Mary. Following the victory, the pope instituted the Feast of the Holy Rosary to commemorate Mary’s intercession and to thank Her for securing the necessary graces from Her Son to defeat the enemies of the Church and Europe.

So what can we deduce from all this?  For it is a thousand years of history and there are other incidents too many to mention here.

The answer is to defeat islamic terrorism we need to get more guns, bombs, boats, planes, and people willing to fight against the evil horde.

No, that is not the answer.

The answer is Mary!

We need to turn to the
Empress of America and ask Her to intercede as the Queen of Victory and Peace! And how can we do that?  The road map is already laid out for us.

It is through the
Angelus at noon every day.

It is through the
Rosary every day.

It is through this nation turning back not only to its God, Creator and Benefactor, but to His Mother, the
Mediatrix of All Graces, who not only intercedes at the Right Hand of Her Son for us, but is also the Advocate of the People of God before the Eternal Father and the Holy Spirit.

If we turn to Mary and give Her enough prayers, sacrifices, honor, and love, then will Her Son hear our cries through Her
Immaculate Heart and grant the world the peace we all so desperately crave.  But if we do not turn to Mary, we can expect more guns, bombs, boats, planes, and islamic terrorist attacks throughout our world no matter how much we fight back.

And the specter of the doom Constantinople endures unto this day lurks in the background of any nation that does not turn to Mary

As Madonna Nicopeia -- which translates to Our Lady of Victory -- only Mary can ensure that Her Son will protect us from our enemies.

                                                                                             originally written 12/05/02
                                                           and the answer has not changed since then, has it?
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