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What Is the Most Forgotten Feast Day in the Church?
It is a feast that has long been forgotten in the Church.

The same modernists who gave us the trite liturgy of today and the scandals that rock the Church are the same ones who relegated this feast day into the dust bin of history.

But it is a feast day that every believer should celebrate — a day that not only confirms the
Feast of the Resurrection celebrated on Easter Sunday, but also allows us to see the Truth of the Feast of Divine Mercy with our own eyes.

For May 4 is the
Feast of the Holy Shroud — the very burial cloth of our Lord and Savior that not only shows us His Passion and Resurrection, but the actual Blood and Water that gushed forth as a Fountain of Mercy for us!

Feast of the Holy Shroud was originally promulgated by Pope Julius II — the pontiff who commissioned the rebuilding of St. Peter’s in Rome!

This great builder and recognizer of Truth declared that all of Catholicism should celebrate this feast in honor of the great miracle the Lord has given us by leaving His Resurrected Image on His burial cloth.

The feast, Pope Julius declared in 1506, was to be celebrated on the Fourth of May every year, the day after the traditional
Feast of the Holy Cross.

In his papal bull announcing the feast, Pope Julius wrote,
“Almighty eternal God … You have left us the Holy Shroud on which His Image is imprinted … .”

Pope Julius in his joy for this cloth is not alone.

Saints from Francis de Sales to John Bosco, and popes from Gregory XIII to John Paul II have also had incredible close encounters with Jesus’ burial cloth.

The history is long and rich of vicars who have issued various edicts on behalf of the
Shroud of Turin.

In 1978, during a private exhibition of the cloth for the then-newly elected John Paul II, our pontiff stated that the
Shroud is a “silent but eloquent witness to the Resurrection of Christ!” In May of 1998, during the exhibition of the Shroud that celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first photograph of the cloth that revealed the amazing positive Image of Christ on the negative plate, John Paul II said that Catholics should “evangelize the world with this cloth!”

Two powerful and incredibly True statements!

So why has our Church forgotten this feast day?

It has forgotten it because it is the same hierarchy of “independent” bishops who do not follow the magisterium that has no trouble recognizing the next calendar date for their “golf” tournament but can’t — for the life of them — recognize their own God on His burial cloth!

Indeed, it is the same hierarchy that so profoundly neglected
Divine Mercy Sunday.

It is the same hierarchy that decreed the traditional Ascension Thursday — a Holy Day of obligation! — should be treated more like a federal “holiday” (read
“holy day”) and moved its commemoration to Sunday so that no one’s business (read “busy ness”) schedule would be “inconvenienced.”

How interesting that this hierarchy fails to do what the Lord wants accomplished as He first requested — through His servants and vicars — that His Church remember His Resurrection, then His
Divine Mercy and, to complete the faithful’s spiritual journey, to remember His miraculous Shroud!

While we cannot reveal names due to confidentiality agreements, we can state unequivocally that many of those who are involved in the current pedophile scandal were those who also have fought hard to keep the Truth of the
Shroud from being spread among the faithful.

The Lord’s burial cloth — the
Shroud of Turin — like His Mother, is a great dividing line.

As He inspired us to compare the
Stations of the Cross in Light of the Shroud, the Lord blessed us to do the same by imploring Him — through the remembrance of the miraculous Truths of His burial cloth — for the Reign of the Sacred Hearts on Earth as it is in Heaven!

For until the Lord reigns with His Mother from His Throne in Jerusalem, the world will know no temporal peace and His Church will know no spiritual peace.

To celebrate this great feast day, we would like to
share these prayerful insights and we ask all to join us in turning what is a forgotten feast day into one of the great celebrations of the Easter season!

And may the Lord bless all those who commemorate the
Feast of the Holy Shroud as He did Popes Julius II, Clement VII, Gregory XIII, Benedict XIV, Pius VII, Leo XIII, and St. Pius X, along with the many Saints who lived in these eras.

We adore Thee, O Christ, and praise Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross, Thou hast redeemed the world; and by Thy Holy Shroud, Thou hast proven it to the world!

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