Agnus Dei Presents!
Prophets vs. the Church Hierarchy
How Can We Discern the Truth?

‘There will be chaos in the Church.
Tranquility will not return until the Pope succeeds
in anchoring the Boat of Peter
between the Twin Pillars
of Eucharistic Devotion
and devotion to our Lady.
This will come about one year
before the end of the century.’
St. John Bosco
St. John Bosco and his dream depicting the Twin Pillars of Devotion; on the left the Eucharist and on the right, our Lady.  In the middle is the Bark of Peter guided by the pope as it is attacked by enemies of the faith.
We thought it important to begin this article with one of the great prophecies of one of the greatest Saints who ever lived.

He is also, at our request, one of our patrons because, Don Bosco was a Saint who knew and loved the
Shroud of Turin; the burial cloth of our Savior that has called the city of Torino, Italy its home long before St. John was born.

Recently, the Church has caused
quite a ruckus in the Catholic community of Emmitsburg, Maryland when it ruled against the visions and messages of one Gianna Talone-Sullivan:  a woman whose claims about heavenly visitors disturbs the local hierarchy, especially because the messages state Jesus will return soon as the Holy Child.

The Year 2000 ruling by local officials against Sullivan was
recently approved earlier this month by the Vatican.

The first thing we want everyone to understand is that just because lower-level officials in the Church agreed with the local American hierarchy’s ruling against Sullivan does not mean that John Paul II has had anything to do with it!

The pope may, or may not, have even been aware of the investigation.

But until the Holy Father makes a personal pronouncement, it is incorrect for ANYONE to believe he has agreed with the assessment of officials who do not sit in or pronounce from the Chair of Peter.  No matter how high that position may be.  We venture to guess that John Paul will not make any personal reflection on Gianna Sullivan and he will let stand —
because the pope has “democratized” the Church — what others have decided.

In this regard, John Paul may, or again, may not even have seen any documentation as to the content of the messages, or any “miracles” that may or may not be associated with Gianna’s messages.

The reason we are writing this article is because we wish to caution, once again, and remind the faithful that we are not dealing with what any true believer can feel is a hierarchy that is so full of spirituality it can, in today’s tough times, recognize a true visionary.

After all, if the bishop of Mostar had his way, NO ONE would be going to Medjugorje!

Due to the political squabbling between his order and the Franciscans, Mostar’s bishop would like to “officially” squash what so many of the faithful not only know in their hearts, but have experienced firsthand as to the miraculous nature of the Virgin’s messages and supernatural activities that surround the apparition site.

As we have stated so often, because of our
Shroud presentations, we have had an opportunity to speak with believers in intimate ways regarding the status of our faith.  This has been an enormous blessing to us.  Yet, what has amazed us most is that so many Catholics have taken battle-line stands when discussing Medjugorje.

For us — even when we first approached the apparitions with a mentality of
“prove it” — our skepticism was quelled when we not only saw how many lives were changed, but how PRIESTS were changed!  We personally know priests who did not believe in praying the Rosary; but, who, as a result of their personal experience in Medjugorje, became prayer warriors!  We even know of “healings”!

On the other hand, many traditional Catholics who love the Latin Mass — of which group we belong in — cannot tolerate Medjugorje and see it as, which we vehemently do not agree with, a “false” apparition.  Yet, more protest-ants have converted to Catholicism as a result of their Medjugorje experience.  Is this the work of the evil one, or the work of the
Queen of Heaven?  It is not obvious who wants people to become Catholics so that they may receive the greatest earthly Gift of the Lord?  It is the Mother of the Eucharist! And the Gift is His Body and Blood in the Eucharist!

The point of all this is, in the Gianna Sullivan case, who are we to believe?

We took note that one web site, which we hold in great respect, said they would follow the “guidelines” of the Vatican in matters pertaining to visionaries and alleged heavenly messages.  This is a staunch conservative approach that, while we do not agree with, find it easy to fault.  (What will they do if Medjugorje is deemed “unworthy” of belief based on the local bishop’s ruling?)  For we believe the Vatican does NOT have the last say on visionaries and heavenly messages.

The Lord does.

And the perfect example to illustrate this point is Saint Faustina and her
Divine Mercy messages.  If the Vatican had its way, this great Saint’s diary would still be on a forbidden list to read.  As is, the Vatican has not done much to enforce the decree of its own vicar — the Divine Mercy pope who rescued Faustina’s messages — in regard to the celebration of the Divine Mercy Feast!

So, if we can’t always rely on the bureaucracy of the Vatican to give us the Truth regarding visionaries and their messages, is there another way we, as believers, can do so?

One thing the Bible makes specifically clear is to
“test the spirits” and see the fruits thereof. In the case of St. John Bosco and Medjugorje, we can easily see and test the fruits — fruits that are abundant not only for the love of God, but for His Mother, and a legacy that helps to strengthen the walk of the faithful, as well as convert those who are not.

When visionaries like Don Bosco die, the Lord has, as He did with St. Catherine Laboure and St. Bernadette, a special way of ensuring the faithful know their messages are approved by Him, no matter what Vatican “officials” may say.  This specialty of the Lord’s is called an
incorruptible body!

Can you imagine those in the Catholic hierarchy — and we have met them — who do not believe in the
Miraculous Medal, the message St. Catherine gave to the world; or do not think it is necessary or “ecumenical” to speak or teach about the Immaculate Conception, the message St. Bernadette gave the Church?

And so, Gianna Sullivan and her messages have been condemned by the Church.  We have never met Gianna and she would not know us from a hole in the wall; but we have followed her and her messages, on and off, for a number of years now.

The key with Gianna and her husband that has always impressed us are the FRUITS!

As doctors, the Sullivans have donated their time and money to help the poor with medical care.  This is a great sign to all of us and something we do not personally see with the proverbial “televangelist” who solicits money and then builds a towering monument in their own name and honor.

The Sullivans are also totally dedicated to
Divine Mercy and the Rosary.  And, for us personally, something else that is extremely special when you get close to God:  the Sullivans have a great dedication to the Holy Child!

As of yet, we are unfamiliar with anyone who has had a special relationship to the Holy Child that we can honestly say was a false visionary.  We are not claiming that it is not possible that there is no one who falls into this category; we are just stating that we have yet to come across it.

On the other hand, we do not know personally the members of the commission who investigated Gianna.

But we have a litmus test for them.

How many of them, whether, cardinal, bishop, priest, or lay person, gets on their knees PUBLICLY before the Blessed Sacrament — as Gianna does — and
recites the Rosary with the faithful?  How many of them STOP whatever they are doing at the 3 o’clock hour and lead the faithful in the Divine Mercy chaplet before the Sacrament of the Altar?  How many of them publicly prostrate themselves in God’s House of Worship?  How many of them did the Stations of the Cross at Lent?

We knew Gianna Sullivan was going to get in trouble when she made that great film
“Unbridled Mercy” for the Jubilee Year. One message attributed to Gianna  in the film was that she said the Holy Child was getting ready to defend His Mother’s honor and she pointed to the month of October to watch for an event.

October 2000 came and went and everyone said “nothing” happened; therefore, Gianna must be a “false prophet.”

Here is where the rubber meets that ol’ proverbial road — and get ready to leave a little bit of tire thread as we put the pedal to the medal!


The event occurred on October 8, 2000.

It was the
consecration of the 3rd Millennium by Pope John Paul II to the Immaculate Heart of Mary under Her title as the Queen of Peace!

Does anyone think this is an accident or not the inspiration of God who is the Holy Child?

On his knees before the pilgrim statue of Fatima with 1,400 cardinals and bishops assisting in the Mass and consecration, Pope John Paul II honored Mary as the only one who can bring mankind the peace it so desperately seeks and desires.

For only She can move Her Son, the Holy Child (no matter what age), to take action!

We cannot keep emphasizing on this web site how critically and historically important this event —
which receives so little attention — actually is!

This is the same event that we point to when people say that Father Stefano Gobbi is a “false prophet” because he, too, said in messages from the Blessed Virgin that
by the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, there will take place the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart, of which I foretold you at Fatima, and this will come to pass with the return of Jesus in glory to establish His Reign in the world.” (Given to Father Gobbi at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City, December 5, 1994 and published in the book, To the Priests, message 532, page 835.)

So what are we to make of all this?

What has happened since Mary’s message to Father Gobbi?

As we stated, we must see these messages from the perspective of Heaven’s — not ours!  We all — as Father Gobbi warned believers not to think — want a “magic” trick.  The Jubilee Year occurred, now where is the “magic” trick?

Where is Jesus and His Reign?

This is the great test of believers.

We explained that with so much power, Heaven always uses the most
unlikely to test the most powerful.

St. Catherine vs. the Vatican hierarchy.  St. Bernadette vs. the Vatican hierarchy.  The children of Fatima vs. the Vatican hierarchy.  St. Faustina vs. the Vatican hierarchy.  Father Gobbi vs. the Vatican hierarchy.  Gianna Sullivan vs. the Vatican hierarchy.

Even St. John Bosco vs. the Vatican hierarchy.

The “trick” may not be immediately visible or understandable to our hearts and minds.  It may, however, make perfect sense from Heaven’s perspective.

To explain, St. John uttered his immortal prophecy that we quoted at the beginning of this article in 1862.  The event, it was stated, was to occur some time before 19XX.  The XX, of course, could not go past the year 1999.

1999 came and went.

What happened?  Was Don Bosco’s prophecy false?  Where was the “trick”?

The answer is no, Bosco’s prophecy was not false, it was completely accurate — if we view it from Heaven’s perspective.  And there is no “trick.”  As always, it is Heaven dealing with mankind — and our limited finite minds!

While we claim no “insider” information here, we know St. John Bosco, as an incorruptible, could not possibly have given the world a false prophecy. 
(By the way, NO prophet is completely accurate or perfect!  Only the Son of God is!) So how come 1999 came and went and, yet, nothing seemed to happen?

That is because, as humans, we view events from our earthly perspective as
people who have little or no knowledge of events outside their immediate sphere.

Does anyone know what John Paul II was doing in 1999?

He was, as we can now look back at and comprehend, preparing for activities in the
Great Jubilee Year 2000.  What were those activities?

John Paul II became the
FIRST POPE IN HISTORY to conduct Mass in the Upper Room where the Lord held His Last Supper with His Apostles in Jerusalem.

The very same place where the Lord first spoke His immortal words as He held up the Afikomen from the Passover seder and said,
“This IS My Body!”

The pope had written a letter earlier — was it, perhaps, drafted in 1999? — in which he personally waited to sign in the Upper Room with his fellow bishops in attendance.  What was the letter?  It was something John Paul had been working on for some time and it was to be given to every priest later in the month of April 2000 on Holy Thursday.  The seven-page letter the pope signed in the Upper Room on March 23, 2000 was a
love letter to the Eucharist! A letter which implored all the priests of the Universal Church to love, worship and adore Christ in the Eucharist.

John Paul wrote,
“In a sense, Peter and the Apostles, in the person of their Successors, have come back today to the Upper Room, to profess the unchanging faith of the Church” in the Eucharist!

John Paul the Great had, as St. John Bosco prophesied, anchored the Bark of Peter to Devotion in the Eucharist!
Has anyone stated this?  Of course, not.  No “scholars” have yet to comprehend the depth of what occurred in this amazing year — the Year of Divine Mercy and the beginning of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

And then, as we stated, just a little more than six months later, the
Vicar of Christ, anchored Peter’s Boat to the other Pillar of Devotion by consecrating the 3rd Millennium in the Alpha of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

The prophecies of Don Bosco concerning the Twin Pillars was now accomplished!

In relation to Gianna Sullivan, what we are trying to point out is that this woman’s messages have been condemned by a hierarchy that does not want to hear them.  One of the hardest messages Gianna was given is that the Virgin told her there will come a time when there are no more fish in the sea.

That, for any of us, is difficult to comprehend.

Yet, is not part of this message in the
Book of Apocalypse(“And the second Angel sounded the trumpet:  and as it were a great mountain, burning with fire, was cast into the sea, and the third part of the sea became blood:  and the third part of those creatures died, which had life in the sea … Apocalypse 8:8-9.)

Yet, interestingly, after condemning Gianna, we took note that, incredibly, just this week
scientists were quoted sounding alarm bells that large sea creatures are facing extinction within the next 10 yearsAs go the big, so go the small?

No one, of course, is condemning the dire predictions of these scientists!

Is Gianna, then a true visionary and messenger for the Virgin?

We don’t know because not all the evidence is in yet.  But we believe so.

We, however, do know this.

We have seen the fruits of Gianna Sullivan and they are far more impressive than the hierarchy of the Baltimore archdiocese!

In fact, we can honestly state that we trust Gianna more than we do these “officials”!  Gianna, in “obedience” to the Church has stopped giving messages.  But take note:  neither she nor her husband have stated that the messages are false or that the Virgin has stopped giving them!  As another “sign” that she is real, Gianna and her husband have stated that they will endure
“humiliation” for the sake of the messages!

We have seen what the Church has done to those in the past who were given outlandish messages — messages such as the annihilation of nations the children of Fatima bore.  While so many think this is an event still to come, we believe that the complete takeover of so many Eastern countries by the Soviet Union at the end of World War II, in which Catholicism was ruthlessly suppressed, and the names of nations disappeared from the map, is a fulfillment of that prophecy.

In this regard, we believe the world, as time marches on, is well along the road to Mary’s Triumph as She prophesied, not only to the children in 1917, but to Father Gobbi in 1994.  And, as Mary told this humble priest servant of Hers in his Church-approved messages, the Omega, or better stated for our feeble earthly minds, “fulfillment” of the
Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary “will come to pass with the return of Jesus in glory to establish His Reign in the world.”

When will it
“come to pass”?  Only God knows — another day, week, month, year, decade, century, or millennium?  But it will come to pass!

In this light, we believe that Gianna was completely right when she predicted the Holy Child was about to do something to defend His Mother’s honor in October 2000.  A
prediction fulfilled in the consecration of the 3rd Millennium to Mary!

Can those who condemned Gianna’s messages show us similar fruit regarding their own defense of Mary’s honor?  As the Arian heresy proved, and the pedophile scandal confirmed, just because one wears a red or purple hat is no proof of one’s loyalty to Jesus and Mary!  Getting on one’s knees on a daily basis is not the ultimate confirmation either, but it sure helps.

As for the getting on one’s knees, Gianna qualifies; does the commission?

But people — that is Catholics who are sleeping (i.e., lukewarm) or afraid of appearing
“disobedient” — are still not paying attention.  Indeed, in the “chaos” of an unbelieving hierarchy, the Universal Church still refuses to even follow its own Magisterium and devote itself entirely to the Eucharist and Mary!

A hierarchy that does not take part in
Divine Mercy.

A hierarchy that did not consecrate Russia to the
Immaculate Heart of Mary — until it was too late and without every bishop participating!

A hierarchy that refuses to pay attention to the messages of
Our Lady of America.

A hierarchy that is failing miserably as the pedophile scandal continues to wreak
“chaos” and havoc (you sue me and I’ll sue you).

A hierarchy that has destroyed the liturgy of the Church.

A hierarchy that now wants
to destroy worship of the faithful on their knees before the Eucharist!

A hierarchy, as Mary told Father Gobbi, that is infiltrated and filled with ecclesiastical masons!  (Sorry, don’t have time for the Rosary; golf, anyone?)

So then, how can we discern the Truth in the battle between visionary prophets and the current Church hierarchy?

When those who condemn Gianna are seen publicly, day after day, week after week, reciting the Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament and the Divine Mercy chaplet at the 3 o’clock hour, we will be more inclined to believe whether or not they not only have the spiritual discernment and capability to make a judgment on Gianna, but whether or not they even have the right to do so!

Until then, we will make this prediction as the simple idiots we are:  the Holy Child is about to, once again —
(when will it “come to pass”?  we don’t know) —very seriously defend His Mother’s honor.

And woe to those who do not get on board quickly before all the dire predictions in messages given to visionaries around the world by the
Immaculata are brought to bear on an unbelieving world!
Ave Maria!

© 2003 Agnus Dei Presents!
Surprise to all those who do
not believe!  Jesus can appear for one nanosecond in time as the One whom is pierced.  And then, He can instantaneoulsy turn into, guess Who!